Right to cancellation

  1. Can products be exchanged?

    Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, products cannot be exchanged. However, with our prior approval, you can return products and place a new order. The return of any product shall be effected at buyer´s risk and expense. For goods of flawless and unaltered condition you will receive an corresponding credite note possibly less a handling fee. Custom-made products, non-stock items and material blanks cannot be withdrawn.

  2. How and when do I get my money back?

    Depending on the payment method used, you will get your money back as soon as we receive your return:

    If you have made a payment in advance, your bank account will be credited. Please give us your bank details so that we can make the transfer.

    If you have made a credit card payment, your credit card will be credited.

    If you are paying on account, please give us your bank details (IBAN, BIC) and we will transfer the amount to your account after we have received the returns (this applies if the invoice has already been paid). If you have ordered several products and only want to return some of them, please deduct the amount when transferring the invoice amount.

    You will receive the refund in a few days.